Educational Game For Children Download

This Educational Game is really free to download and useful for kids/childrenkindergarten or elementary school students. This software consists of several games. Basic lesson in school is how to count, how to add and subtract also multiply and how to sharpen memory/word memory, pick a picture, first letter, hangman, learn A, B, C, Letter Rain. All are available in this software. Parents should have this software. And the kids will like because pleasant sound tracks will create a passion for learning.

I use this software to teach my daughter. And of course the software is very helpful to me, lighten my work to make my daughter more quickly understand the lessons in school. Frankly, the memory of my daughter to be sharper. And she became pleased to learn. Of course, this free software is not comparable with the benefits we get.

Website : www.wartoft.nu/software/sebran

Direct link to download : http://www.wartoft.nu/produkter/sebran/sebran.exe

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