Embed MP3 With Google Media Player On Blog

If we want to add music player on our blog, we can find many sites on the Internet that provide MP3 player with many types of models. We only choose songs that have been provided or we upload our mp3 file, if we do not have songs we can download from the internet. There are many songs that can be downloaded for free or have to buy on the internet, then choose the model mp3 player and set whether the mp3 player is auto playing or button should be clicked to play.

What we have to know is when we put mp3 player in the blogs, and many I met in many the blogs, that they set the songs automatically so that when visitors come to the blogs, music play automatically. Of course this is their right. However, we realize that we create a blog and would feel happy if many visitors come. And one way to get lots of visitors by providing the mp3 player, of course. One thing we must realize, the Internet connections of blog visitors are different. There are fast and also slow and we should pay attention to the blog visitors who have slow internet connections.

The solution to this problem, I do not set Mp3 automatically. But, allowing visitors to choose their own choice. And I only use a very simple code so that the media player appears and can be played on the blog. I use Google Media Player.

Here's how to embed Google Media Player :
1. Prepare a song or mp3 we want. Remember, Google Media Player only works with mp3 files, so if we use wav or other, it will not work.
2. Save the mp3 file in the file storage. You decide what  file hosting.
3. Copy this code and place it where you want the Google Media Player will appear

<embed flashvars="audioUrl=https://yourmp3linkhere" height="27" quality="best" src="http://www.google.com/reader/ui/3523697345-audio-player.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="200"></embed>

4. Change only :
 https:// yourmp3linkhere , with your mp3 link. Also change height and width as you like.


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